In Baltimore Maryland and during the year of 1946, a singing group by
the name of the Vibra-nairs had no idea what the future had in store for
them.  The Vibra-nair's lead singer, Sonny Til (Earlington Carl
Tilghman) had a very distinct voice that gave lyrics that certain
something that made you want to hear more.
The Orioles 1946 - Present
Deborah Chessler "Lady R&B"
Founder of The Orioles
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While a young girl working in
a Baltimore shoe store might
not seem like a candidate for
part of rock & roll history other
than as
The Orioles: Second String Albert “Diz” Russell is an exciting book
written about a group that many music historians believe started the
music that came to be called Rhythm and Blues. The original Orioles
started in Baltimore Maryland and sang from 1948-1955. The love
music contains the memories and social history of an era. Diz Russell
became an Orioles in 1955 and continues to carry on the name and
music of the group.
The Orioles: Second String Albert "Diz" Russell
by: Rachel Louise Clay (Author)
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The Orioles
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The Orioles
The Orioles
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