Discography of The Orioles...continued
Past to Present
NOTE: Includes Sonny Til solos and duets with Edna McGriff.

5000 It's Too Soon To Know /Barbra Lee - 7/48

5000 It's Too Soon To Know /Barbra Lee - 10/48
5001 (It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Xmas /To Be To You - 11/48
5001 Dare To Dream /To Be To You - 1/49
5002 Please Give My Heart A Break /It Seems So Long Ago - 2/49
5005 Tell Me So /Deacon Jones - 4/49
5008 I Challenge Your Kiss /Donkey Serenade (lead: George Nelson) - 6/49
5009 A Kiss And A Rose /It's A Cold Summer - 8/49
5016 Forgive And Forget /So Much - 10/49
5017 (It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Xmas/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - 11/49
5018 Would You Still Be The One In My Heart?/Is My Heart Wasting Time? - 1/50
5025 At Night/Every Dog-Gone Time - 3/50
5026 Moonlight/I Wonder When - 5/50
5028 You're Gone/Everything They Said Came True - 6/50
5031 We're Supposed To Be Through /I'd Rather Have You Under The Moon - 8/50
5037 I Need You So/Goodnight Irene - 9/50
5040 Can't Seem To Laugh Any More/I Cross My Fingers - 10/50
5045 Oh Holy Night /The Lord's Prayer - 11/50
5051 I Miss You So/You Are My First Love - 1/51
5055 Pal Of Mine/Happy Go Lucky Local Blues - 4/51
5057 Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)/When You're A Long, Long Way From Home - 5/51
5060 My Prayer/ I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody) (solos) - 8/51
5061 I'm Just A Fool In Love/ Hold Me Squeeze Me (Hold Me Tight) - 8/51
5065 Don't Tell Her What's Happened To Me/Baby, Please Don't Go - 10/51
5066 Fool's World/For All We Know (solos) - 10/51
5071 How Blind Can You Be/When You're Not Around - 12/51
5074 Trust In Me/Shrimp Boats - 2/52
5076 You Never Cared For Me/Proud Of You (solos, but label says 'Orioles' ) - 3/52
5082 It's Over Because We're Through/Waiting - 4/52
5084 Barfly/Gettin' Tired, Tired, Tired - 5/52
5090 Once In A While/I Only Have Eyes For You (Edna McGriff & Sonny Til) - 7/52
5092 Don't Cry Baby/See See Rider - 8/52
5099 Good/Piccadilly (Edna McGriff & Sonny Til) - 10/52
5102 You Belong To Me/I Don't Want To Take A Chance - 11/52
5107 I Miss You So/Till Then - 1/53
5108 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me/Teardrops On My Pillow - 2/53
5112 Lonely Wine/Have You Heard (solos) - 2/53
5115 Bad Little Girl/Dem Days (Are Gone Forever) - 3/53
5118 (Danger) Soft Shoulders/Congratulations To Someone (solos) - 6/53
5120 I Cover The Waterfront/One More Time - 6/53
5122 Crying In The Chapel/Don't You Think I Ought To Know - 7/53
5127 In The Mission Of St Augustine/Write And Tell Me Why - 9/53
5134 There's No One But You/Robe Of Calvary - 1/54
5137 Don't Go To Strangers/Secret Love - 2/54
5143 Maybe You'll Be There/Drowning Every Hope I Ever Had - 5/54
5154 In The Chapel In The Moonlight/Thank The Lord! Thank The Lord! - 7/54
5161 If You Believe/Longing - 10/54

5000 It's Too Soon To Know/Tell Me So//At Night/Forgive And Forget - 11/54

5172 Runaround/Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep - 11/54
5177 I Love You Mostly/Fair Exchange - 1/55
5189 I Need You Baby/That's When The Good Lord Will Smile - 3/55
5221 Please Sing My Blues Tonight/Moody Over You - 10/55
5231 Don't Go To Strangers/Angel - 1/56

196 Happy Till The Letter/I Just Got Lucky (lead: Diz Russell) - 5/56
228 For All We Know/Never Leave Me Baby - 11/56
244 Didn't I Say/Sugar Girl (lead: Paul Griffin) - 4/57

EVERLAST (the Kings And Queens [Orioles and Delltones])
5003 Voices Of Love (lead: Della Simpson)/ I'm So Lonely (lead: Della Simpson) - ca. 11/57

4079 Shy/First Blush (solos) - 5/58

ABNER (subsidiary of Vee-Jay)
1016 Didn't I Say/Sugar Girl (lead: Paul Griffin) - 8/58

5363 Tell Me So/At Night ("Orioles" are a chorus) - 2/59
6001 Crying In The Chapel/Forgive And Forget ("Orioles" are a chorus) - 9/59
5384 The First Of Summer/Come On Home ("Orioles" are the Helen Way Singers) - 2/60
5394 Night And Day/Shimmy Time (with an unknown group, but only credited to Sonny Til) - 9/60

211 Secret Love/The Wobble - 10/62
212 In The Chapel In The Moonlight/Hey! Little Woman - 10/62
213 Lonely Christmas/Back To The Chapel Again - 11/62
214 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve/Don't Mess Around With My Love - 11/62
215 It's Too Soon To Know/I Miss You So - 1/63
216 Don't Tell Her What Happened To Me/Write And Tell Me Why - 1/63
219 I Miss You So/ Hey! Little Woman - 2/63

All of the above appeared on Modern Sounds Of The Orioles Greatest Hits (Charlie Parker LP 816, 1962).
The album was re-released in 1969 as The Orioles Greatest Hits, on Big A (SBA 2001)

5002 Open Up Your Heart/Someone Up And Told Me - 4/63

"Open Up Your Heart," by "Sonny & Virgil," should have read "Sonny & Vergie."
"Someone Up And Told Me" was a solo, but the label copy said "Sonny Till."

109 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve/Crying In The Chapel - 12/64

(Although master numbers indicate that "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" is the
Charlie Parker cut and "Crying In The Chapel" is the late Jubilee recording, both sides
were actually cut for the Sutton Brothers in December 1964.)

RCA VICTOR (these are all solos)
47-9733 You're All I Need/After - 1969
47-9759 Tears And Misery/I Better Leave Love Alone - 1969
45-236 One Big Unhappy Family (one-sided DJ only) - 1970
45-247 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (one-sided DJ only) - 1970

CLOWN (solos, with female chorus)
3061 No Not For Her/I Gave It All Up - 1970

RCA VICTOR (all sides only credit Sonny Til, even those with a group)
74-0432 Colours/Love Is What It's All About (solos) - 1971
74-0529 Till Then/Love Or Desire (both sides with Orioles) - 1971
74-0606 Crying In The Chapel (with Orioles)/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (solo) - 12/71

LP4451 Sonny Til Returns - 1970
Colours; What Are You Doing New Year's Eve; I Better Leave Love Alone; One Big Unhappy Family; Love Is What It's All About;
Life Won't Be The Same (Without You); After; Tears And Misery; You're All I Need; Don't Feel No Pain; Gettin' It Together

LP4538 Sonny Til and the Orioles - Old Gold/New Gold - 1971
Crying In The Chapel; It's Too Soon To Know; Back To The Chapel Again; You Are My First Love; 'Til Then;
I'll Be Satisfied; Love Or Desire; Memories, That's All; What You See Is What You Get; I Thought About You

HARLEM SOUND (Charlie Parker cuts)
1001 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve/Lonely Christmas - early 70s

RAD-71 The United States Air Force Presents: Find Yourself A Star - 71

Sonny Til does 60-second and 30-second promos for the U.S. Air Force. Others promos on the disc were
done by Glen Campbell; Bobbi Martin; Tommy James; Labelle; and Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.

VIRGO (Jubilee masters)
6017 Crying In The Chapel/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - 9/72
6028 It's Too Soon To Know/Tell Me So (humming version) - 3/73

GOLDIES 45 (distributed by ABC-Dunhill; Jubilee masters)
D2503 It's Too Soon To Know/Barbra Lee - 1973
D2565 Crying In The Chapel/Don't You Think I Ought To Know - 1973

BROADCAST (all recorded on 12/10/64)
1139 Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Secret Love - ca. 1975
1140 It's Too Soon To Know/Further Up The Road - ca. 1975

LP1016 Sonny Til and the Orioles - Today - 1978
Crying In The Chapel; Chapel In The Moonlight; Baby Please Don't Go; It's Too Soon To Know; I Miss You So;
C. C. Rider; Tell Me So; Masquerade; Secret Love

LP1026 Sonny Til - Back To The Chapel (all solos) - 1979
What Love Is All About; What Kind Of People Are We; Make It Easy On Yourself; What You See Is What You Get;
Lonesome Mood; Feelings; Hot To Trot; Back To The Chapel

IV-400 Sonny Til & The Orioles Visit Manhattan Circa 1950s - 1981
Manhattan; I Don't Believe In Tomorrow; Taking My Chance With You; I Had The Craziest Dream; Rose Ann Of Charing Cross;
May That Day Never Come; Together; Skylark; Magic Moon; Gee I Wish; Walkin' By The River; Needless; What Do You Know About Love;
Are You Looking For A Sweetheart

RED LIGHTNIN' (1960s Herb Abramson masters)
RL0065 Boss Vocal Groups of the 60s - 86
So Long (Sonny Til with an unknown group; recorded for Herb Abramson on 8/24/60)
Night And Day (same notes as prior song; this is the same cut that appeared on Jubilee 5394)
Sincerely (the Orioles; recorded 7/20/62)
Some Of This, Some Of That (the Orioles; recorded 7/20/62)

(other songs on the LP were by the Ravens, the Clovers, and the Universals)