Left without the Orioles, Til picked up another group, The Regals, whose
members were Tex Cornelius, Diz Russell, Jerry Holeman, Billy Adams, and
pianist Paul Griffin. This group became the New Orioles. Til liked the Regals'
modern harmony style, and the existing tunes were rearranged to match the
Regals' style (in many cases, sounding rather different than they formerly had).
During this time, they were often billed as "Sonny Til and his New Orioles".
They left Jubilee and signed with Vee-Jay Records.

They continued with this arrangement until 1957 when Cornelius left the
group. He was replaced for a short time by Frank Todd, who was replaced by
Jimmy Brown. This lineup went until the last day of 1959. Holeman left the
group, and Russell the next day, after finding Sonny's car (their means of
transportation) repossessed. This was the end of the second Orioles.

Til recorded briefly as a solo artist before putting together the third Orioles
group, with members Delton McCall, Billy Taylor, and Gerald Gregory, former
bass of The Spaniels. They continued recording, this time for Charlie Parker
Records. Gregory left after a couple of years and was replaced by Lawrence
Joyner. This group split up in the mid 1960s.

Following the breakup of that Orioles group, Til joined George Holmes' Ink
Spots, who were Til, Holmes, Ann Lawson, and Larry Reed. With the addition
of George "Pepi" Grant in 1977, they began touring as both The Ink Spots and
The Orioles (as the Orioles, Lawson was billed as a special guest). Til and
Grant alternated leads, and Holmes sang bass. They recorded briefly in 1977.

In 1977, Til formed the sixth Orioles group with former members: Diz Russell
and Jerry Holeman from the second group, and Billy Taylor from the third
group. The group also sometimes featured Richard Knight and Chuck Battle.
This group was together in 1981, when Til died from a heart attack. He was 53.

The group continued, and by the late 1990s featured Russell, Reese Palmer,
Skip Mahoney, Larry Jordan and musical director Eddie Jones. Jones and
Mahoney were later replaced by Royal Height , and George Spann (keyboard).

The current members of The Orioles are Diz Russell, Clark Walker, David
Warren, Ray Apollo and Dwight Datcher.  The Orioles continue to entertain
audiences through out the country.  Diz Russell has not stopped singing those
Orioles classics to sold out venues keeping the unique sound alive and well.

The Orioles have the great fortune to be managed by none other than Mrs.
Mildred Russell.  The Orioles organization wants to thank America for
History of The Orioles...continued
Past to Present
left to right: Della Griffin, Bunny Foy, Renee Stewart, Billy Adams, Sonny Til,
Tex Cornelius, Jerry Holeman, Diz Russell
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